Metropolitan Security Associates has rapidly grown within the private security services industry. This unprecedented growth is largely in part to our client first focused model. This focal point is what drives results to success but more importantly client satisfaction.

Each member of our team is trained to the highest industry standards with our leadership leading the way with the highest training standards recognized by national security organizations.

Guard/Patrol Services

Metropolitan Security Associates employs a cadre of the best and highly qualified security professionals to work with each client to ensure that security needs are met and results driven.

Site Assessments

A trained and certified ASIS member of our team will meet with the client to assess any security deficiencies and current and future needs in regards to security infrastructure and other critical needs of their individual property or site.


Metropolitan Security Associates has certified and trained security professionals that handle consulting for an array of clients. From homeowners to commercial property owners, members meet with the client to determine needs and help facilitate those needs by putting the recommendations in place and operable.

Organization Policy & Procedures Creation

As liabilities increase so does the need for agencies, public and private to have policies and procedures in place to address and handle any security issue that may arise. Members of Metropolitan Security Associates are trained on the latest and emerging laws and trends to tailor polices and procedures to what the client needs now and in he future.


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